Organization chart


Director (1)

Management assistant

Scientific team

Micro- and nanotechnologies, micro- and nanosystems, photonics, electronics, electromagnetism, electrical energy (2)

Scientific Deputy Director (section 8)

Nanotechnologies, photonics, Renatech network

Scientific Officer


Scientific Officer

Acoustics, automation, bio-engineering, mechanics of materials and structures, robotics (4)

Scientific Deputy Director (sections 9, 28 et 7)

Mechanics of solids

Scientific Officer

Bio-engineering and bio-mechanic

Scientific Officer

Mechanics of solids

Scientific Officer

Bio-engineering and bio-mechanics

Scientific Officer

Fluid, processes, plasmas, transfers (1)

Scientific Deputy Director (sections 10 et 4)

Process Engineering

Scientific Officer

Site Policy

Scientific Deputy Director

Cellule Énergie du CNRS (The CNRS Energy Cell) (2)

Scientific Deputy Director

Scientific Officer

Cross-disciplinary missions


Scientific Officer

ITMO Technologies for Health - AVIESAN Alliance

Scientific Officer

High Performance Computing

Scientific Deputy Director

Continuing training courses

Scientific Officer

Scientific and Technical Information (STI)


Research Infrastructures

Scientific Officer

Administrative Team

Administrative Assistant Director (2)



Missions, tools and event logistics

Research platforms and infrastructures (1)

Implementation of the INSIS actions for platforms, administrative coordination and animation of the Renatech network.

Research platforms and infrastructures project manager

Structures and bodies (2)

Evaluation, creation, renewal and termination of research structures. Changing the scope of units. Interface with the CSI and sections 8, 9 and 10 of the CoNRS.

Structures and bodies manager

Human Resources (2)

Assistance in decision-making by the INSIS Scientific Directorate for the allocation of permanent and non-permanent posts. Follow-up of HR campaigns and processing of individual HR applications.

Human Resources manager

Human Resources administrator

Finance (2)

Elaboration of the Institute's budget request on behalf of the laboratories; preparation and arbitration of appropriations for the laboratories. Management of the INSIS units' budgets and follow-up of the Institute's PEPS campaigns.

Finance manager

Finance administrator

Communication (2)

Advice and support for laboratories in their communication and scientific mediation activities, promotion of their achievements to target audiences and enhance the influence of engineering on CNRS communication.

Communication manager

Communication officer

International and Europe (1)

Implementation of the INSIS international policy; support for researchers in their European and international projects, as well as in their international mobility.

International and Europe manager

Partnership research and innovation (1)

Follow-up and support of the units' promotion and development activities, implementation of the INSIS partnership policy (joint laboratories, industrial PEPS, GIS, GDR industrial club) and CNRS innovation policy (pre-maturity programme).

Partnership research and innovation manager